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News Releases: 2017

Visit to China

11th - 21st December

Mr. S.N. Bentotage, Head, Department of Transport and Logistics Management, Ms. ThivyaAmalan and Ms. Shashini Sanjeewani (Lecturers) participated in a workshop organized by Beijing Jiaotong University, China on "High-speed Railway" from 11th to 21st December 2017. Potential collaborations in Railway and Logistics Education at Graduate and Post-graduate levels was discussed at the above event other than the informative sessions on high-speed railway in China. Shandong Polytechnic, one of the prominent technical college related to railway transportation also was visited during this visit.

Iluminar 17/18


The annual career fair for the TLM graduates, Iluminar 17/18 was held successfully on 16th November 2017 at TLM Department. This event was organised by the student body of TLM department, STL, for the third consecutive time. Although it was a single day event, the planning was done for months regarding coordinating of companies, documentation and preparing of stalls. The effort of the organisers was fruitful, when looking at the success of the event.

The event was started by the opening ceremony with the formal welcome of the company officials. The welcome speech was done by senior lecturer, Mr. NishalSamarasekera. With a brief introduction of the department, and speeches by Deputy Vice-chancellor of the university and dean of the Engineering faculty, opening ceremony was ended. The vote of thanks was delivered by the project chairperson, Mr. SahanLakshan. After the formalities, the main objective, which is the interviewing of the graduates took place in two sessions, as morning session and evening session. About 20 renowned companies attended the career fair, therefore TLM fresh graduates were given ample opportunity to get employed in those companies. Within the interview procedure, company coordinators were also given the exposure to communicate with officials. The interviewees were keen to participate in interviews. Another opportunity was given to make connections with coordinators during the lunch. Judge panels representing the companies were satisfied with TLM candidates and they even praised the quality of them. Along with Iluminar 2017/18, another event took place parallelly. It was the Department Industry Consultative Board (DICB) meeting. In that meeting, inputs from the corporate world regarding the performances of graduates and interns, expectation from a TLM graduate were discussed extensively. With the conclusion of DICB meeting, another successful event was ended. The success would not have happened without the collective effort taken by Project chairperson, its organising committee, along with the undergraduates of TLM.

DICB 2017 Department of Transport &Logistics Management


The 9th meeting of the Department industrial consultative board of the Department of Transport &Logistics Management was held on 16th November 2017 at the Department of Transport and Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa. Industry specialists representing a wide variety of industries including HayleysAdvantis, IFS, KPMG, McLarens Holdings, SAGT, John Keells Holdings, INSEE Cement, Sri Lankan Airlines, Sathsindu, SLPA and also TLM Alumni who currently working in the industry along with the academic staff of the department participated in the meeting.

The panel discussion was chaired by Dr T Sivakumar, Dr IndikaSigera, EngRanilSugathadasa, Dr Mahinda Bandara, Dr VarunaAdikariwattage and EngNishalSamarasekera and it consists of four sessions on industrial training placements for TLM undergraduates, enhancing the analytical and soft skills of TLM undergraduates, enhancing the interactions between the University and Industry, and Suggestions from the industry.
DICB Meeting was a success, both Industry and alumnis expressing their views and suggestions for better improvements and it was a step towards in the path of tightening the link between the industry and the Department and also the link between Alumni and the Department

Special Seminar by Kaushalya


A special seminar was organized by the department of Transport and Logistics Management to share the experience of Ms. KaushalyaHereath during her USA stay for higher education. This event was held on 9th November 2017 from 10.30am to 11.30amat the Department auditorium as a succession of the monthly guest lecture series.

Special Speech by BhathiyaWickaramage


A special speech was conducted by BhathiyaWickramage, undergraduate of the Department of Transport & Logistics Management as a succession of the guest speech series on 26th October 2017 from 10.30 pm to 11.30 pm at the department auditorium of TLM. And this was the first time ever an undergraduate was given a chance to share his experience as per the suggestion of the Head of the Department. He exposed his experiences in Europe motivating others to go for new challenges. This was a fruitful session for everyone.

Rhythm Divine 2017


Rhythm Divine was successfully concluded in a spectacular manner after an entertaining evening on 20th October, Friday. It was even exceeded the high expectations that was created by superb promotions for the event. The whole event was aligned to its theme, 70s & 80s music. With the new additions for the event, Rhythm Divine 2017 had a fresh outlook. Amid the work load, TLM undergraduates of all levels worked tirelessly for weeks, practicing songs, dances and dramas, while engaged in decoration activities as well. But it must be stated that, all those efforts didnt go in vain. The enthusiasm of audience was there from the beginning, until the end of the event.

Rhythm Divine marked its start at around 6.30 pm at old gymnasium. The chief guest for the event was Mr. S.N. Bentotage, Head of the Department. After the lighting of the oil lamp, KasunPriyadarshana, Treasurer of STL, welcomed the audience. Thereafter, the chief guest delivered a speech appreciating the effort taken by undergraduates in organizing such a wonderful event and he said he is looking forward to witness different talents of TLM undergraduates apart from academic work. With the conclusion of chief guests speech, the audience maintained a one-minute silence for remembering TLM alumna, UdithaNarawita, who passed away just months before.
Then, the stage was open to showcase the skills of TLM undergraduates. First, the latest addition to the event, which is the promotional video was shown on a screen. A warm applause was received for the act. It was followed by number of songs that were made in 70s and 80s, which is widely considered as the golden age for music. Not only songs, but also dances and even a short drama was acted by the undergraduates. No single performance was second for another. Everyone was well performed. Even academic and non-academic staff performed on stage. Huge cheering was visible for every performance. It was a proof for the ability of TLM undergraduates to excel not only in academics but also in aesthetical areas.

In the middle of these amazing performances, refreshments were distributed to the audience, so that they can enjoy the whole evening with Rhythm Divine. It is not an exaggeration to say that the spectators were mesmerised with the performance. The musical band offered a great support for the singers with nice tunes. The band consisted of non-TLM undergraduates and they were appreciated in the middle of the event for the support they have given when practicing and performing songs. The project chair for the event, PemalDaksith, delivered the vote of thanks. Finally, another tremendous concert organized by STL came to an end. Even if it ended at that point, the experience of Rhythm Divine 2017 will live in the heart of every participant.

Insight 2017


: An Initiative to Popularise the Field of Transport and Logistics A fresh page is turned on in the history of Society of Transport and Logistics (STL), which is the student body of Transport and Logistics Management (TLM) department, with the initiation of the latest event, Insight 2017. It is an event of taking the field of Transport and Logistics to the general community, especially within the youth in Sri Lanka, as it must be accepted that, Transport and Logistics field is not quiet famous in Sri Lanka, yet. As future TLM professionals, it is a timely duty to educate Sri Lankan community on this emerging field and its importance. As a step towards the achievement of this objective, Insight was introduced as an annual event by STL.
As the first edition of Insight, a seminar-styled event on Transport and Logistics Management is carried out for Advanced level physical science students on 12th October at old gymnasium, from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. It is important to note that, along with educating them with Transport and Logistics, STL had a secondary aim of teaching the students advanced level subjects. Approximately about 110 Students from 12 schools around Sri Lanka covering various geographical locations such as Galle, Kegalle, Ratnapura and Colombo attended the event. The occasion started with the welcome speech delivered by head of the department, Senior Lecturer, Mr. S.N. Bentotage. Thereafter, 4th year undergraduate, Mr.SajithLakmal conducted a seminar on Combined Mathematics by means of discussing the model paper distributed along the students. Then the first speech on educating Transport and Logistics were carried out by lecturer, Ms.UthpaleeHewage. Using a presentation, she succeeded in revealing on what really is TLM, what were taught in the degree course and its imporatance. With the conclusion of Ms.Uthpalees session, discussion on life of the university was done by an alumni, Mr.NimeshIndika.

Then a quiz competition was conducted to energise the students. This competition had number of rounds covering physics, chemistry, general knowledge as well as transport and logistics. 4th year undergraduate, SachiniKumarasinghe was the quizmaster for the competition. During these sessions, snacks were distributed among the students. At around noon, a physics seminar was also delivered by 4th year undergraduate, Mr.MiyuruThushara. With the end of the seminar, lunch break was given for the students and they were taken a tour around the university by TLM undergraduates, to motivate them to do well in Advanced level and step to this university.
Finally, the closing ceremony started with the lighting of the oil lamp. As the first session of the ceremony, an interactive motivational session was delivered by Senior Lecturer, Eng. RanilSugathadasa, which was highly energetic. Then a song was performed by 2nd year undergraduates, Mr.AnupaArachchige and Ms.SitharaBuddhini. Key note speech for the event was delivered by Deputy Vice Chancellor of University of Moratuwa, Prof.RahulaAttalage. He spoke about the opportunities waiting for the advanced level students. Much awaited moment for the winners of quiz competition arrived. In the award ceremony, trophies and certificates were awarded for the winners.

  • Champions - KegaluVidyalaya - Kegalle
  • 1st runners-up - Taxila Central College - Horana
  • 2nd runners-up - Sivali Central College - Ratnapura

But it must be noted, that every student participated was a winner as they could grab vast knowledge mostly on Transport and Logistics in addition to their traditional subjects. In the conclusion of Insight 17, vote of thanks was delivered by, Ms.KeshalaGunaratne. The freshest event of the STL is ended with the further value addition to the Transport and Logistics industry as a whole and Expolanka Freight Pvt Ltd was the platinum sponsor for this event as well.

OBT at Kithulgala


First year undergraduates of 2016 intake accompanied by few staff members of Department of Transport & Logistics Management successfully completed OutBound Training (OBT) programme during first week of October 2017. This year, the OBT programme was conducted by Borderlands at Kitulgala. At OBT, the participants are taken out of their comfort zones to help build confidence, encourage positive thinking and to transform into leaders with the required skills to take on the world.

TranSPORTZ 2017


TranSPORTZ 2017, the Annual Sports Day organized by the Society of Transport and Logistics, Department of Transport and Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa, was held on the 30th of September 2017, for the 7th consecutive time, this year. The event was held with the participation of members of the society, alumni associates, undergraduates, academic and non-academic staff of the Department of Transport and Logistics, at the University ground.
In remembrance of the unfortunate demise of a fellow TLM alumni member, Mr.UdithaNarawita, a moment of silence was observed prior to the event proceedings. Participants of the occasion competed under the four traditional groups namely, Blackbirds, Jet Wing Rebels, Navigators and Rail Riders and there were three main events namely football, cricket and tap-rugby followed by few other fun games to make the day happening.

Team Blackbirds emerged as the Champions for tap rugby, while Rail Riders won the football championship. Navigators secured the cricket championship and the overall Championship too was won by the said team, led by Mr.KasunNallaperuma. The prominent players of each event were awarded at the end, in the awarding ceremony.
The president of STL declared the end of another successful event which augmented the bond among the TLM family, while extending his gratitude towards the financial support given by Expolanka Freight Pvt. Ltd and for those who participated and helped in numerous ways to make the event a success.

Republic Polytechnic of Singapore visited TLM


Twenty four students & three teachers from the Republic Polytechnic of Singapore visited the department of Transport and Logistics Management on 25th September. Two staff members from the department gave two presentations about the department and the logistics industry in Sri Lanka.Local students also got a chance to find out about Republic Polytechnic and their program on Logistics Management. It was an opportunity for both Local and Singapore students to exchange their ideas and develop connections.

Guest Lecture by Mr.Srinath Fernando


A guest lecture was conducted by Mr.Srinath Fernando, the General Manager of the European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka on 21st September (Thursday) 2017 at 10.15 am to 11.15 at the Auditorium of the Department of Transport & Logistics Management. He discussed on the Global Strategic Political Order including strategic matters on global sea lanes of communications, international energy supply pipelines etc. covering most of the aspects of strategic political issues that confront the Globe, strategic balance in the Indian Ocean and Pacific and also on strategic energy issues. Most of the staff members and students participated in this event. This was an interesting and fruitful session for especially who are interested in aviation. Ms. Shashini (Lecturer) organized this event together with Mr.Bentotage, Head of the Department on behalf of the Department

EASTS Conference

18 - 22 nd September

The Bi-Annual conference of The Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS) was held Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 18-22 September, 2017. Dr YMMS Bandara, Senior Lecturer, and Ms.Thivya P Amalan, Lecturer, both from the Department of Transport and Logistics Management participated and presented their research papers.

Guest Lecture by Mr.KasunHettiarachchi


A guest lecture was conducted by Mr.KasunHettiarachchi, who is a TLM alumni and working with Cinnamon air on 7th September (Thursday) 2017 at 10.15 am to 11.15 at the Auditorium of the Department of Transport & Logistics Management. He discussed about the trends of domestic airline operations in Sri Lanka and the current issues. Most of the staff members and students participated in this event. This was an interesting and fruitful session for especially who are interested in aviation.Ms. Shashini (Lecturer) organized this event together with Dr.VarunaAdhikariwattage (Senior Lecturer) on behalf of the Department.

Appointment of New Head of the Department of Transport & Logistics Management

09th August

Mr. S.N. Bentotage, senior lecturer of the department was appointed as the new Head of the Department with effective from 1st of August, 2017 after Dr.T.Sivakumar. Dr. T. Sivakumar led the department for 6 years and rendered a grateful service to the department in its way forward during his headship. Department organized a farewell for the former Head of the Department appreciating his remarkable service and welcomed the new Head of the Department on 09th August 2017.

SNEHA 2017

03rd August

Amongst many other annual events organised by Society of Transport and Logistics (STL), Sneha2017 stands out as a major CSR event that is being carried out, for the betterment of under-privileged children. The main objective behind Sneha2017 was to support a needy school and its students with financial and other material support, in addition motivating them to study well and move up the ladder of success.
This year, the event was held at DiyagamaMahaVidyalaya, Kalutara on the 3rd of August for the 3rd successive time. Although this was a one-day event, members of STL planned and contributed in various ways for this event, for months. The criteriaofselection of a school this year, was a bit deviated from the previous years, since STL decided to consider a school which was affected by the devastating flood that happened due to the last monsoon.

On the event day, in addition to donations, different activities were organised so as to inspire students to study better. Dr.UdayaJayathilake from University of Moratuwa delivered a lecture on Mathematics for grade 9, 10 and 11 students while TLM undergraduates did some motivational and confidence building activities for grade 6, 7 and 8 students. After concludingthe sessions, the closing ceremony was held at the school main hall. The donations were distributed amongthe students and the staffat this occasion. Donations included academic work books for grade 11 students, story books for the school library, medicinal items, lunch boxes, water bottles and stationary items for students as requested by the school.

This event couldnt have been a reality without the sponsorship of Expolanka Freight (Pvt) Ltd, and the support of the TLM staff, Alumni and students. Their monetary and non-monetary contributions helped in different ways. Mr. AkalankaHerath was the project chair for Sneha2017. Together with him, the STL committee and members, worked hard despite their busy academic work schedules, to make this event a success.
As State University students enjoying the benefits of free education which comes from the hard-earned money of Sri Lankan citizens, it is our duty to support the nation in return. With the successful completion of Sneha2017, we can believe that it is satisfied up to a certain extent. The success of this event was evident by the innocent smiles in the faces of those students at DiyagamaMahaVidyalaya during the event.

Immersion English Camp 2017

31st July

Immersion English Camp is an annual calendar event of Department of Transport & Logistics Management organized for the enhancement of English language and communication skills of TLM undergraduates. This time Immersion English Camp was organized by Ms. Shashini Ranabahu for 16 Batch and it was held from 31st of July, 2017 to 4th August at the department auditorium. Gate Way Language Center facilitated the entire program and John Keels Holdings sponsored for the facilitators for the 7th consecutive time. Inauguration ceremony of the camp was held on 31st of July 2017 with the presence of Mr. Prasad Warusavithana from John Keels Holdings, Ms.WathsalaDissanayaka, Glendale De. Silva, Mr. Wijenayaka, the three facilitators from Gate Way Language Center, Dr. T. Sivakumar, Head of the Department, Mr.S.N. Bentotage, Senior lecturer of the department and other academic and non-academic staff and students took part in the event. Mr.RanilSugathadasa, Senior Lecturer of the department conducted a motivational session on Importance of learning a second language. Entire five days of English camp comprised with series of different interactive activities including dramas, songs, debates, spot speeches and etc. to enhance the language, communication and presentation skills of undergraduates. Closing ceremony of the camp was held successfully on 4th August at 2.30pm where the drama competition was the most prominent event of the programme. This was the first event held after the appointment of the new Head of the Department, Mr. S.N. Bentotage.

Retreat and curriculum review meeting of TLM

25th July

TLM Department retreat for the year 2017was held at the Nature Lovers resort, Horana on 25th July 2017 from 7.00am to 5.00pm.All the staff members joined the retreat which included a jungle trekking and other fun activities including cricket and water activities. A curriculum review meeting was also organized.

2nd International Conference on Research for Transport and Logistics Industry (R4TLI 2017)

22th July

The Sri Lanka Society for Transport & Logistics (SLSTL), partnering with the Walkers CML organized a joint 2nd International research conference titled Research for Transport and Logistics (R4TLI) Conference 2017 which was held on 22 July 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. R4TLI is an initiative that endeavors to promote research and development in the transport & logistics sector in Sri Lanka that would help diagnose its current issues and identify potential improvements based on scientific evidence.The event was very successful with over 200 representatives from the industry, academia and government sector as well as from overseas, attending the conference.
Three undergraduates from the Department of Transport and logistics Management, University of Moratuwa received awards in the categories of Best Research in Transport and Logistics, Best Undergraduate Research in Transport and Logistics & Best Research in Airport Transport and Logistics. Two postgraduate students from the Department of Transport and logistics Management, University of Moratuwa received awards in the categories of Best Research in Supply Chain Management and Best Research in Urban Transport and Road Safety. Mrs ShasiniSanjeewani (Lecturer, Department of Transport and logistics Management, University of Moratuwa) received award on Best Research in Transport Planning, Modeling and Policy.

Visit to China by Mr. S.N. Bentotage

25th - 27th July

Mr. S.N. Bentotage, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management participated for "Belt and Road Rail Transit Education and Training: Annual Meeting of the China-ASEAN Rail Transit Education and Training Association" in Guiyang, China from 27th to 29th July 2017 as invited by Beijing Jiaotong University. It was discussed on the potential collaborations in Railway and Logistics Education at Graduate and Post-graduate levels at the above event.

BRT Model at Environmental Day Exhibition in UOC

14th June

Model prepared demonstrating Bus Rapid Transit System as an alternative sustainable transport solution was presented at the Environmental Day Exhibition on 14th June 2017. This event was organized by the Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts of University of Colombo. Dr. T. Sivakumar, Head of the Department, Mr. Bentotage, Senior lecturer, Ms. Shashini Sanjeewani and Ms. ThivyaAmalan, Lecturers and Mr. DhammikaBandara, Research Assistant also participated in the inauguration ceremony of the exhibition. Undergraduates including DilankaHettiarachchi, PawaraGunaratne and ManoriDissanayaka from 12 Batch and BuddhiWeerasinghe, NadeeshaMadushani, KasuniWeerasinghe, Roshan Jayasekara, VijiniNarthana ,PasinduPerera and SitharaBuddhini representing 16 Batch contributed in presenting the model. And also DileepUdara (13 Batch) and MadushanIsuru (15 Batch) supported in coordination.

Second place in Best Paper Award Category for Air Quality Assessment and Control in ICAQM 2017

01st - 02nd June

D.M.ManoriSanjeewaniDissanayaka has presented a paper in the 2nd International Conference on Air Quality Management (ICAQM 2017) jointly organized by the department of Civil Engineering , IIT Madras, department of Civil Engineering , IIT Delhi and Newcastle University, UK on 1st and 2nd June 2017 at IIT Delhi. She won second place in Best Paper Award Category for Air Quality Assessment and Control for the research paper entitled Evolution of Carbon foot print reduction in Aviation Infrastructure. Ms. W.W.A.S. Fernando, Lecturer of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management is the supervisor for this research project.

Field Visit to Nestle Lanka

26th May

A Field Visit was organized to visit Nestle Lanka Pannala Factory on 26th May 2017 for MBA students and BSc final year undergraduates of the Department of Transport & Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa. Mr. NishalSamarasekara, Senior Lecturer of the department and Mr. Naleen De. Alwis, Temporary lecturer also participated in this visit.

Field Visit to key air traffic navigation centers at Rathmalana and Katunayaka

24th - 25th May

A Field Visit was organized to visit key air traffic navigation centers at Rathmalana and Katunayaka on 24th and 25th of May 2017 for the Semester 7 aviation research students of the Department of Transport & Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa. Dr.VaunaAdhikariwattage, Senior lecturer, Ms. UthpaleeHewage, Temporary Lecturer and Mr. Frank Perera, Instructor of the department also took part in this visit.

MBA in Supply Chain Management Inauguration 2017

24th May

The Department of Transport and Logistics Management initiated its first ever Masters of Business Administration programme with a revolutionary approach concluding the year 2015. Masters of Business Administration specialized in Supply Chain Management offers one of a kind MBA among the generic versions available throughout the country. The programme is developed with the vision of Know, Do and Become a MBA rather than the traditional approach of doing a MBA or getting a MBA.

The inauguration ceremony of its second intake, MBA in Supply Chain Management 2017 was held on 24th May 2017 at the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration. The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor KapilaPerera graced the occasion as the chief guest. Department Head, Dr. T. Sivakumar welcomed everyone on behalf of the Department and the Senior Professor Amal S. Kumarage, also addressed the gathering of distinguished guests, MBA students, lecturer panel and the department staff emphasizing the unique delivery of the programme and the successful journey it had so far. Professor KapilaPerera congratulated the department for the successful delivery of the programme and the recognition gained in the industry with high demand for the new intake. Senior lecturer Mr. NishalSamarasekara introduced the lecturer panel of the MBA programme followed by a self-introductory session of the students. Programme Director, Dr.IndikaSigera, delivered the vote of thanks concluding the event and congratulated the students on their new life in the TLM family.

Be Prepared- Skill Enhancement Project

19th May

Be Prepared organised by the Society of Transport and Logistics of University of Moratuwa successfully conducted on 19th may 2017 at 4.00 p.m. at TLM department. Be Prepared is a skill enhancement project with the objective of improving the industry knowledge as well as the soft skills of TLM undergraduates. It was mainly focussed on level 3 students as a support for their internship interviews as well as to give some exposure about the corporate world.

The session was conducted by the facilitators from Expolank Freight (Pvt) Ltd. in a very attractive manner. The resource persons successfully implanted a bold idea about the industry and the expectation of industry from undergraduates. Mr. SahanJayasinghe, Deputy General Manager of the Ocean products, Project Logistics & Business Development introduced EFL and conducted a session on logistics. Mr. ZaidhNaushard, Assistant Manager of Customer Solutions shared his knowledge on communication. Assistant Manager of Business Analysis, Miss Sharon Rodrigo conducted a session on personal grooming. Finally, Mr. HishamYasir, Finance Executive of EFL explained about the way to face an interview throughout his session.

It was a great opportunity for TLM students to discover about the corporate world which they were not aware of before. The whole session was conducted successfully as the facilitators were able to touch many essential topics in the simplest manner. With the received feedback forms, it can be considered as a success with the great effort and commitment of all.

TLM Mind Challenge 2017

04th May

TLM Mind Challenge 2017, the intra department quiz competition organised by Society of Transport and Logistics, Department of Transport and Logistics Management was conducted successfully with a great participation of TLM undergraduates and alumni members, on 4th May 2017 at the Department auditorium. The chief guest was Mrs. Gayani De Alwis, a former lecturer and consultant and the lecturers of the Department of Transport and Logistics were also invited for this glamorous occasion.

It was a great opportunity for all the undergraduates as well as Alumni members of Department of Transport and Logistics Management to enhance their knowledge about the field of Transport and Logistics and other several fields such as Supply Chain Management, Science, Art, Literature, Sports, Health, Current Affairs, History, Geography and Culture. Senior Lecturer Mr. NishalSamarasekara performed as the quiz master and did a great job to keep the audience alive and excited. It was a live table quiz with 5 rounds each with 10 questions and the answers for the quiz were given after every round and some audience questions were given to make TLM Mind Challenge more meaningful and alive. Mrs. Shashini Ranabahu, Ms. ChamiKeerthisena, Mr. Frank Perera performed as the judge board. Mr. ChandimalAdhikari was the project chair of TLM Mind Challenge 2017.

Chief Guest of the event, Mrs. Gayani De Alwis shared her thoughts regarding the importance of having knowledge about the industry as well as the other areas. And also she highlighted the importance of conducting such events to make students think outside the academic environment.
Team Aster won the title beating the defeating champions Team Extreme of previous two years. Team members of the winning team were Kasun Rosa, Rahal Indrachapa, HashanRahubadda and YashodaGamage. Team Extreme and Team Matadors became 1st and 2nd runner-up respectively. With the courage and dedication of everyone, the event was conducted successfully and came to its end until the next year

Prof.Kumarage chaired a ADB workshop on Urbanization in India and Chaina at Galadhari

05th - 06th April

Asian Development Bank Institute(ADBI) held a workshop on Urbanization in India and China on April 5th and 6th at Hotel Galadari in Colombo. The Departments of Transport & Logistics Management and the Department of Town & Country Planning assisted in hosting this event with ADBI. Senior Professor Amal Kumarage welcomed the guests and chaired the first session. Later, the guests from China and India visited the University of Moratuwa in the light of strengthening the relationship for the future collaborations.

Mentoring Closing Ceremony 2016/17

03rd April

Mentoring closing ceremony, one of the flagship events on the annual calendar of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management was held at the Earls Court, Cinnamon Lakeside on the 3rd of April 2017 with collaboration of John Keells Group. The event was graced with the presence of the invited guests from the John Keells Group, Mentors from various organizations, University staff and the students. Dr. T Sivakumar, head, Department of TLM welcomed the chief guest, Ms. Dilani Alagaratnam, President, HR, Legal, Suitability and ERM, John Keells Holdings PLC and all the distinguished guests on behalf of the department and conveyed his sincere gratitude to the John Keells Group for the continuous partnership and the assistance given since the inception of the Department of TLM in 2005.
The event was continued with awarding of John Keells Scholarships for 20 students selected on their performances and another five students selected on the need basis. Awarding the certificates for the Immersion English programme sponsored by the John Keells group was followed by awarding of certificates for the mentees demarcating the successful completion of the 2016 Mentoring programme. The event concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Indika Sigera, coordinator, mentoring programme, thanking all the participants and specially the John Keells Group for the immense support given throughout the past decade and the mentors who dedicated their busy scheduled accommodating the students to make the mentoring programme a great success.

Dr. Mahinda Bandara visited Tokyo Tech

16th March

Dr. Mahinda Bandara, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management participated as a visiting scholar in 22nd TSU (Transport Studies Unit) Seminar at Tokyo Tech, Ookayama Campus on 16th March 2017. This seminar focused on Transport Policies in Asia: Cases from Sri Lanka and Indonesia and Dr. Bandara spoke on Developing a Regulatory Framework for Informal Transport Sector representing Sri Lanka.

Guest Lecture by Chathumi Kavirathne

09th March

Ms.Chathumi Kavirathne conducted a special guest lecturer on 9th Thursday, March, 2017 from 10.30 am to 11.30 am at the Auditorium of TLM. She was a TLM graduate (09 Batch), one of the former instructor of TLM and currently reading for the Ph.d at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. She shared her exposure in the field of Transport & Logistics Management as a TLM graduate including Ms.c Research outputs, overseas experiences and post graduate opportunities.

Iluminar 2017

08th March

Iluminar 2017, the career fair organised by Society of Transport and Logistics for the final year students of Department of Transport and Logistics Management, was successfully held on 8th march 2017 at the Department of Transport and Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa.Prof. K.K.C.K. Perera, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa participated for the occasion as the chief guest and academic and non-academic staff of Department of Transport and Logistics Management, industry partners for the Iluminar 2017, other industry participants, alumni and undergraduates of the department participated for the event.

Iluminar 2017 is an in-house recruitment programme focussing on the undergraduates of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management who will be graduated in March 2017. The main purpose of this event is to set up a platform to provide a wide range of employment opportunities for undergraduates while enabling leading organisations from the industry to select the most suitable set of employees according to their requirements. And also promoting the Transport and Logistics Management degree programme within the industry and enhancing the confidence of the final year undergraduates by providing them with the experience of facing interviews can be considered as the additional outcomes of the event. SAGT (South Asia Gateway Terminal) joined in hand with the event as the Exclusive Strategic Event Partner for Iluminar 2017. Hayleys Advantis joined as the Gold Iluminar partner while Brandix and EFL became Strategic Iluminar partner and Gold Event partner respectively.

Annual General Meeting and the Award Ceremony of Society of Transport and Logistics

01st March

The 9th Annual General Meeting and the Award Ceremony of the Society of Transport and Logistics were successfully held on 1st March 2017 at the auditorium of Department of Transport and Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa. The Society of Transport and Logistics was inaugurated in 2007 to develop interaction with others in the university communities as well as in industry. Being the leading student body in University of Moratuwa in Transport and Logistics sector it has made an incomparable contribution towards the well being of the undergraduates of Department of Transport and Logistics Management. The new STL committee was elected for the year 2017/2018 after the completing the successful year with the outgoing STL committee.
Before appointing the new STL committee, the 2nd Award Ceremony of Society of Transport and Logistics was held to appreciate the outstanding performances of TLM students in extracurricular activities. The chief guest was Mr. Heminda Jayaweera, The Senior Fellow in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Moratuwa. TLM students were awarded under two categories highlighting their individual performances as well as the performance as a group.

Six students from 12 batch, five students from 13 batch, four students from 14 batch and one student from 15 batch were awarded for their individual performances. Winners and first runners up of CILT Young Professionals Challenge 2016, Winners of KDU Logistics Day Quiz Competition 2016, winners of Inter University SAIFA Business Challenge under the group award category. And also batch representatives of 12 batch, Mahesha Perera, Nuwan Ranasinghe, Dulan Sampath were given special appreciation and awarded for their commitment. At the end of the award ceremony, the chief guest was awarded appreciating his participation.
After the Award Ceremony, Annual General Meeting of Society of Transport and Logistics was conducted under the patronage of Dr. T Sivakumar, Head of the Department. Senior lecturer Mr. Nishal Samarasekera was reappointed as the Staff Adviser. Mr. Kasun Chathuranga was elected as the President for the upcoming year 2017/2018. Mr. Damith Nalinda, Mr. Anupama Premathilaka and Mr. Mavin Lakshitha were elected as the Vice President (Media), Vice President (Industry Relations) and Vice President (Administration) respectively. Miss Thilini Girihagama was elected as the Secretary and Miss Jithmi Udumulla was elected as the Assistant Secretary. Dr. Mahinda Bandara was elected as the Senior Treasurer for the upcoming year and Mr. Kasun Priyadarshana was elected as the Treasurer.
President of STL, Mr. Kasun Chathuranga highly appreciated the events organised by the outgoing STL committee and in his address, he told about his hopes to invent new events for the upcoming year while conducting past events. And also he thanked the outgoing committee and requested all the STL members corporation to make the upcoming year a success. Finally Staff Advisor of the STL committee, Mr. Nishal Samarasekera was awarded for his contribution in making the events organised by the outgoing STL committee a success.


23rd February

Sparkels-2017 an annual talent show organized by the 14th batch of Department of Transport and Logistics Management ,held on 23rd February 2017 at the TLM Auditorium.The event was illuminated with the supervision of Mrs.Ranaweera and the coordination of Mrs.ShashiniRanabahu. Sparkles 2017 commenced with the welcome speech of the President of English Literary Association of 14th batch followed by an entertainment event and a speech named 'Arranged Marriage'. Further Sparkles 2017 enlightened with a drama, panel discussion and few prepared speeches conducted by the undergraduates. Group song was presented by all the girls of the batch, adding essence to the event. Though the event is a part of the module communication and presentation skills it strengthened the spirit of the entire batch. Sparkles-2017 was not merely a talent show but it bought the hidden talents on stage.

Welcome ceremony for 16' Batch Students

16th February

Fresh undergraduates of 16' Batch was welcomed by the Department of Transport & Logistics Management organizing a welcome ceremony by the staff members on 16th Feb at 11:15 am at the department auditorium. Mr.NishalSamarasekara, coordinator of level one organized this event on behalf of the department on the advice of the Head of the Department. Dr.T.Sivakumar, Head of the Department and Prof.AmalKumarage addressed the freshers welcoming all of them to the department. An Introduction was done on TLM Department staff members and each student was also introduced by themselves. An entertainment item presented by 16 batch studentscolored the ceremony.

Field visit to Watagoda and Poonagala

10th - 11th February

A field visit was organized to understand geographical features, land transport infrastructure and traffic issues on 10th and 11th of February 2017 for undergraduates of 16 'Batch of Department of Transport and Logistics Management. This visit was conducted as a requirement of the module ' Transport Geography &Geomatics '. Students visited Watagoda railway loop near Thalawakale on the 1st day of the visit and they conducted a survey to identify traffic issues in Bandarawela town on the same day. They reached Poonagala, one of the best view points to understand Geographical setting of the terrain on the following day. This visit was organized by Mr. S.N. Bentotage, one of the lecturers of the module on behalf of the Department. Ms.Shashini (lecturer), Ms.UthpaleeHewage, Mr.Naleen de Alwis (Instructors) and Mr.DhammikaBandara (Research Assistant) also joined this visit.

Strategic Plan Meeting and Annual Retreat of TLM

26th January

Strategic plan meeting of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management was held on 26th January 2017 along with the annual retreat of the Department from 11.30 am to 7.30 pm at University premises. A fruitful discussion was held bringing out many important strategies for the development of the department. Set of indoor and outdoor activities had been organized including a cricket match and musical party. Most of the staff members as well their family members enjoyed the retreat.

Guest Lecture by Dr.Kiridena

25th January

A guest lecture was organized by the Department of Transport and Logistics Management on the 'Role of Analytics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management' on 25th January, 2017. Lecture was done by Dr.SeneviKiridena, University of Wollongong, Australia.Logistics and supply chain decisions are becoming ever more challenging, given the dynamic, uncertain and highly competitive business environment. This lecture explored the role and significance of advanced analytics in supporting logistics and supply chain decisions. In light of recent developments, the need for examining the suitability of alternative techniques, as well as their complementary contributions, was discussed in detail. The current status of research in this area highlighting the opportunities for future research also presented.

Field visit to Hambanthota

24th January

A field visit was organized to visit the Southern Expressway Extension Phase IV near Hambatota and Matttala Airport on 24th January, 2017 for undergraduates of 16' Batch of Department of Transport and Logistics Management. This visit was conducted as a requirement of the module 'Transport Geography &Geomatics'. This visit was organized by Mr. S.N. Bentotage, lecturer of the module on behalf of the Department. Ms.Thivya (Lecturer) and Ms.UthpaleeHewage (Instructor) also joined this visit.

TranSPORT 2017

21st January

The Society of Transport & Logistics, University of Moratuwa conducted its annual sports day 'TranSPORTZ 2017' on 21st January 2017 at University playground, university of Moratuwa with the gathering of members of STL, undergraduates, alumni, non-academic staff and academic staff of department of Transport & Logistics Management.

The Society of Transport & Logistics organized the event for the sixth consecutive time in STL history. The 'TranSPORTZ 2017' consisted with cricket tournament, Tap Rugby, volleyball and fun games including Egg catching, Sack Relay, and Balloon Stamping. Participants competed under four groups named Navigators, Jet Wing Rebels, Black Birds and Rail Riders while creating an opportunity to demonstrate their sports skills. The team Rail Riders won the championship for the Cricket tournament and Tap Rugby. The team Black Birds won the championship for the Volleyball. The team Rail Riders won the title of overall championship for TranSPORTZ 2017. Mr. Mahesh Wijayantha led the winning team. Further the best performers were awarded under different awarding categories. As per the Mr.ThiranjayaKandanaarachchi, president of Society of Transport & Logistics, this event is annually organized by the society with the intent of augment the bond of the TLM family through enhancing the team spirit.

With the support of TLM Family the event could be held successfully. The society gave their heartiest thanks for TLM Family and financial support of South Asia Gateway Terminal, Exclusive Strategic Event partner and Expo Freight, Gold partner.

Field visit to the Ruhunu Cement Works factory of Siam City Cement

19th January

A field visit to the Ruhunu Cement Works factory of Siam City Cement was organized for the first year undergraduates of the Department of Transport & Logistics Management on 19th January 2017. During the visit students learnt about the Safety Procedures, Manufacturing and Logistics Operations of the factory in Galle. The students were accompanied by Eng. NishalSamarasekera and Mr.BranatheeshPoopalaratnam, staff members of the Department.

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