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News Releases: 2017

Prof.Kumarage chaired a ADB workshop on Urbanization in India and Chaina at Galadhari

05th - 06th April

Asian Development Bank Institute(ADBI) held a workshop on Urbanization in India and China on April 5th and 6th at Hotel Galadari in Colombo. The Departments of Transport & Logistics Management and the Department of Town & Country Planning assisted in hosting this event with ADBI. Senior Professor Amal Kumarage welcomed the guests and chaired the first session. Later, the guests from China and India visited the University of Moratuwa in the light of strengthening the relationship for the future collaborations.

Mentoring Closing Ceremony 2016/17

03rd April

Mentoring closing ceremony, one of the flagship events on the annual calendar of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management was held at the Earls Court, Cinnamon Lakeside on the 3rd of April 2017 with collaboration of John Keells Group. The event was graced with the presence of the invited guests from the John Keells Group, Mentors from various organizations, University staff and the students. Dr. T Sivakumar, head, Department of TLM welcomed the chief guest, Ms. Dilani Alagaratnam, President, HR, Legal, Suitability and ERM, John Keells Holdings PLC and all the distinguished guests on behalf of the department and conveyed his sincere gratitude to the John Keells Group for the continuous partnership and the assistance given since the inception of the Department of TLM in 2005.
The event was continued with awarding of John Keells Scholarships for 20 students selected on their performances and another five students selected on the need basis. Awarding the certificates for the Immersion English programme sponsored by the John Keells group was followed by awarding of certificates for the mentees demarcating the successful completion of the 2016 Mentoring programme. The event concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Indika Sigera, coordinator, mentoring programme, thanking all the participants and specially the John Keells Group for the immense support given throughout the past decade and the mentors who dedicated their busy scheduled accommodating the students to make the mentoring programme a great success.

Dr. Mahinda Bandara visited Tokyo Tech

16th March

Dr. Mahinda Bandara, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management participated as a visiting scholar in 22nd TSU (Transport Studies Unit) Seminar at Tokyo Tech, Ookayama Campus on 16th March 2017. This seminar focused on Transport Policies in Asia: Cases from Sri Lanka and Indonesia and Dr. Bandara spoke on Developing a Regulatory Framework for Informal Transport Sector representing Sri Lanka.

Guest Lecture by Chathumi Kavirathne

09th March

Ms.Chathumi Kavirathne conducted a special guest lecturer on 9th Thursday, March, 2017 from 10.30 am to 11.30 am at the Auditorium of TLM. She was a TLM graduate (09 Batch), one of the former instructor of TLM and currently reading for the Ph.d at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. She shared her exposure in the field of Transport & Logistics Management as a TLM graduate including Ms.c Research outputs, overseas experiences and post graduate opportunities.

Iluminar 2017

08th March

Iluminar 2017, the career fair organised by Society of Transport and Logistics for the final year students of Department of Transport and Logistics Management, was successfully held on 8th march 2017 at the Department of Transport and Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa.Prof. K.K.C.K. Perera, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa participated for the occasion as the chief guest and academic and non-academic staff of Department of Transport and Logistics Management, industry partners for the Iluminar 2017, other industry participants, alumni and undergraduates of the department participated for the event.

Iluminar 2017 is an in-house recruitment programme focussing on the undergraduates of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management who will be graduated in March 2017. The main purpose of this event is to set up a platform to provide a wide range of employment opportunities for undergraduates while enabling leading organisations from the industry to select the most suitable set of employees according to their requirements. And also promoting the Transport and Logistics Management degree programme within the industry and enhancing the confidence of the final year undergraduates by providing them with the experience of facing interviews can be considered as the additional outcomes of the event. SAGT (South Asia Gateway Terminal) joined in hand with the event as the Exclusive Strategic Event Partner for Iluminar 2017. Hayleys Advantis joined as the Gold Iluminar partner while Brandix and EFL became Strategic Iluminar partner and Gold Event partner respectively.

Annual General Meeting and the Award Ceremony of Society of Transport and Logistics

01st March

The 9th Annual General Meeting and the Award Ceremony of the Society of Transport and Logistics were successfully held on 1st March 2017 at the auditorium of Department of Transport and Logistics Management, University of Moratuwa. The Society of Transport and Logistics was inaugurated in 2007 to develop interaction with others in the university communities as well as in industry. Being the leading student body in University of Moratuwa in Transport and Logistics sector it has made an incomparable contribution towards the well being of the undergraduates of Department of Transport and Logistics Management. The new STL committee was elected for the year 2017/2018 after the completing the successful year with the outgoing STL committee.
Before appointing the new STL committee, the 2nd Award Ceremony of Society of Transport and Logistics was held to appreciate the outstanding performances of TLM students in extracurricular activities. The chief guest was Mr. Heminda Jayaweera, The Senior Fellow in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Moratuwa. TLM students were awarded under two categories highlighting their individual performances as well as the performance as a group.

Six students from 12 batch, five students from 13 batch, four students from 14 batch and one student from 15 batch were awarded for their individual performances. Winners and first runners up of CILT Young Professionals Challenge 2016, Winners of KDU Logistics Day Quiz Competition 2016, winners of Inter University SAIFA Business Challenge under the group award category. And also batch representatives of 12 batch, Mahesha Perera, Nuwan Ranasinghe, Dulan Sampath were given special appreciation and awarded for their commitment. At the end of the award ceremony, the chief guest was awarded appreciating his participation.
After the Award Ceremony, Annual General Meeting of Society of Transport and Logistics was conducted under the patronage of Dr. T Sivakumar, Head of the Department. Senior lecturer Mr. Nishal Samarasekera was reappointed as the Staff Adviser. Mr. Kasun Chathuranga was elected as the President for the upcoming year 2017/2018. Mr. Damith Nalinda, Mr. Anupama Premathilaka and Mr. Mavin Lakshitha were elected as the Vice President (Media), Vice President (Industry Relations) and Vice President (Administration) respectively. Miss Thilini Girihagama was elected as the Secretary and Miss Jithmi Udumulla was elected as the Assistant Secretary. Dr. Mahinda Bandara was elected as the Senior Treasurer for the upcoming year and Mr. Kasun Priyadarshana was elected as the Treasurer.
President of STL, Mr. Kasun Chathuranga highly appreciated the events organised by the outgoing STL committee and in his address, he told about his hopes to invent new events for the upcoming year while conducting past events. And also he thanked the outgoing committee and requested all the STL members corporation to make the upcoming year a success. Finally Staff Advisor of the STL committee, Mr. Nishal Samarasekera was awarded for his contribution in making the events organised by the outgoing STL committee a success.


23rd February

Sparkels-2017 an annual talent show organized by the 14th batch of Department of Transport and Logistics Management ,held on 23rd February 2017 at the TLM Auditorium.The event was illuminated with the supervision of Mrs.Ranaweera and the coordination of Mrs.ShashiniRanabahu. Sparkles 2017 commenced with the welcome speech of the President of English Literary Association of 14th batch followed by an entertainment event and a speech named 'Arranged Marriage'. Further Sparkles 2017 enlightened with a drama, panel discussion and few prepared speeches conducted by the undergraduates. Group song was presented by all the girls of the batch, adding essence to the event. Though the event is a part of the module communication and presentation skills it strengthened the spirit of the entire batch. Sparkles-2017 was not merely a talent show but it bought the hidden talents on stage.

Welcome ceremony for 16' Batch Students

16th February

Fresh undergraduates of 16' Batch was welcomed by the Department of Transport & Logistics Management organizing a welcome ceremony by the staff members on 16th Feb at 11:15 am at the department auditorium. Mr.NishalSamarasekara, coordinator of level one organized this event on behalf of the department on the advice of the Head of the Department. Dr.T.Sivakumar, Head of the Department and Prof.AmalKumarage addressed the freshers welcoming all of them to the department. An Introduction was done on TLM Department staff members and each student was also introduced by themselves. An entertainment item presented by 16 batch studentscolored the ceremony.

Field visit to Watagoda and Poonagala

10th - 11th February

A field visit was organized to understand geographical features, land transport infrastructure and traffic issues on 10th and 11th of February 2017 for undergraduates of 16 'Batch of Department of Transport and Logistics Management. This visit was conducted as a requirement of the module ' Transport Geography &Geomatics '. Students visited Watagoda railway loop near Thalawakale on the 1st day of the visit and they conducted a survey to identify traffic issues in Bandarawela town on the same day. They reached Poonagala, one of the best view points to understand Geographical setting of the terrain on the following day. This visit was organized by Mr. S.N. Bentotage, one of the lecturers of the module on behalf of the Department. Ms.Shashini (lecturer), Ms.UthpaleeHewage, Mr.Naleen de Alwis (Instructors) and Mr.DhammikaBandara (Research Assistant) also joined this visit.

Strategic Plan Meeting and Annual Retreat of TLM

26th January

Strategic plan meeting of the Department of Transport and Logistics Management was held on 26th January 2017 along with the annual retreat of the Department from 11.30 am to 7.30 pm at University premises. A fruitful discussion was held bringing out many important strategies for the development of the department. Set of indoor and outdoor activities had been organized including a cricket match and musical party. Most of the staff members as well their family members enjoyed the retreat.

Guest Lecture by Dr.Kiridena

25th January

A guest lecture was organized by the Department of Transport and Logistics Management on the 'Role of Analytics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management' on 25th January, 2017. Lecture was done by Dr.SeneviKiridena, University of Wollongong, Australia.Logistics and supply chain decisions are becoming ever more challenging, given the dynamic, uncertain and highly competitive business environment. This lecture explored the role and significance of advanced analytics in supporting logistics and supply chain decisions. In light of recent developments, the need for examining the suitability of alternative techniques, as well as their complementary contributions, was discussed in detail. The current status of research in this area highlighting the opportunities for future research also presented.

Field visit to Hambanthota

24th January

A field visit was organized to visit the Southern Expressway Extension Phase IV near Hambatota and Matttala Airport on 24th January, 2017 for undergraduates of 16' Batch of Department of Transport and Logistics Management. This visit was conducted as a requirement of the module 'Transport Geography &Geomatics'. This visit was organized by Mr. S.N. Bentotage, lecturer of the module on behalf of the Department. Ms.Thivya (Lecturer) and Ms.UthpaleeHewage (Instructor) also joined this visit.

TranSPORT 2017

21st January

The Society of Transport & Logistics, University of Moratuwa conducted its annual sports day 'TranSPORTZ 2017' on 21st January 2017 at University playground, university of Moratuwa with the gathering of members of STL, undergraduates, alumni, non-academic staff and academic staff of department of Transport & Logistics Management.

The Society of Transport & Logistics organized the event for the sixth consecutive time in STL history. The 'TranSPORTZ 2017' consisted with cricket tournament, Tap Rugby, volleyball and fun games including Egg catching, Sack Relay, and Balloon Stamping. Participants competed under four groups named Navigators, Jet Wing Rebels, Black Birds and Rail Riders while creating an opportunity to demonstrate their sports skills. The team Rail Riders won the championship for the Cricket tournament and Tap Rugby. The team Black Birds won the championship for the Volleyball. The team Rail Riders won the title of overall championship for TranSPORTZ 2017. Mr. Mahesh Wijayantha led the winning team. Further the best performers were awarded under different awarding categories. As per the Mr.ThiranjayaKandanaarachchi, president of Society of Transport & Logistics, this event is annually organized by the society with the intent of augment the bond of the TLM family through enhancing the team spirit.

With the support of TLM Family the event could be held successfully. The society gave their heartiest thanks for TLM Family and financial support of South Asia Gateway Terminal, Exclusive Strategic Event partner and Expo Freight, Gold partner.

Field visit to the Ruhunu Cement Works factory of Siam City Cement

19th January

A field visit to the Ruhunu Cement Works factory of Siam City Cement was organized for the first year undergraduates of the Department of Transport & Logistics Management on 19th January 2017. During the visit students learnt about the Safety Procedures, Manufacturing and Logistics Operations of the factory in Galle. The students were accompanied by Eng. NishalSamarasekera and Mr.BranatheeshPoopalaratnam, staff members of the Department.

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