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Welcome to the web site of the Department of Transport & Logistics Management of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Moratuwa.

The Department of Transport & Logistics Management was set up in 2005 to offer an undergraduate degree program in Transport & Logistics Management a long felt need in Sri Lanka. Our students are admitted on the performance of the competitive GCE (Advance Level) examination. Students who offer Combined Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are admitted to the program which is presently ranked the 3rd highest in terms of demand by students in this stream of studies in many districts while the first in one district.

Transport & Logistics plays a fundamental role, in a wide range of activities in business, technology, industry & government as well as in numerous aspects of everyday life. Land, air & water transport directly and indirectly employs over 1 million persons making up around 20% of the employment in Sri Lanka. The transport and logistics sectors account for over 15% of the GDP. The area of supply chain management is increasingly becoming important in the competitive global market. In this respect the Department intends to provide graduates who can provide leadership to this vast and important industry.

The B.Sc degree in Transport & Logistics Management is awarded as a 4 year Honours program conducted in English. It has a broad based curriculum which caters to developing graduates in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes which are required for the modern work place. In this respect the knowledge base comprises of core subject areas of management and transport with competencies in analytical skills, presentation skills, leadership and decision making skills, given specific attention. The degree is essentially a management degree with a technical specialization in transport and logistics.

The program also includes a wide range of unconventional learning opportunities especially aimed at attitude development and team work. The final year of studies provides opportunities for students to specialize in areas of aviation, maritime, transport planning or supply chain management. The program also includes a six months supervised industry internship. Many of its students actively participate in extracurricular activities within the university. In addition a number of industry interaction activities such as a mentoring program, a business correspondence program, communications skills development programs are offered in conjunction with industry assistance in order to ensure graduate are ready for both the local and international jobs. The first batch of students who graduated in 2010 October was employed within two weeks of graduation within the sector while about 10% secured overseas jobs.

The department boasts of a dynamic staff team that is committed to developing and delivering a program to international standard. The curriculum is periodically reviewed by a panel of experts drawn from both the academia and industry. The program is supported by a vibrant Department- Industry Consultative Board which meets at least twice a year. The degree program is fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) recently. The CILT accreditation is recognising the B.Sc degree programme in Transport & Logistics Management as one of the world’s top 50 degree programmes in this field and the first in the South Asian region.

The Mission of the department is to be the department of academic excellence in South Asia in transport and logistics there by supporting the realization of the broader vision of the university. In this pursuit the department of TLM undertakes research and consulting in several areas in a bid to transfer knowledge and assist the industry in solving complex problems. It also has several international collaborative partners especially for developing its research profile and involvement in regional issues in the transport and logistics sector. The department co-organizes the biennial International Conference on Logistics and Transport Systems and offers regular short courses and training programs for the local and regional industry.


Dr. T. Sivakumar,
Head, Department of Transport and Logistics Management

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