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Post Graduate Research Projects

The Department offers MSc., MPhil  and PhD research degrees, the details of which are found on the web site of the Post Graduate Studies Division of the Faculty of Engineering. The admission requirement for each research degree program varies. MSc degrees are a one year full time programs, while the MPhil and PhD can be done either full time or part time basis and have a minimum time period of 2 years or more.

Applications for these programs should be made as per directions given by the Department. Those who wish to pursue these degree programs could contact the Research Coordinator Dr T. Sivakumar ( in order to ascertain the availability of academic staff for supervision of such a program in the department. Small to moderate financial grants for such research studies are available from the University of Moratuwa, Senate Research Council. Such applications have to be made by the supervisor on obtaining approval of an application made by a students for registering for a research degree.




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