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Mentoring Program

In today ’s context, a large number of graduates find employment in the private sector, which is highly competitive and committed to excellence. Therefore in addition technical expertise, there are soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, positive attitudes, etiquette, personal grooming which has to be developed in students, That will greatly enhance graduates chances of enjoying success in the world of work. It is with this objective that the Department is organizing mentoring program.


A mentor is an experienced and trusted guide who shows the way to other. At present high calibre executives from thirteen premier organizations in the country assist young undergraduates in developing the above mentioned skills through the mentoring program. It is approximately a thirteen week program comprising some common lectures and several structured sessions in which a mentor meets with a smaller group of students, mostly in an office environment.


Hence a mentoring program will also assist students in their transition from the university to a work environment.




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